Subvenciones Receptivas

Las subvenciones receptivas son una forma en que nos asociamos y apoyamos a una amplia gama de comunidades y organizaciones, ya que son las más adecuadas para comprender sus necesidades prioritarias y crear soluciones que mejoren la salud. Impulsados por la voz de la comunidad, las subvenciones receptivas son abiertas, ágiles y receptivas a los problemas y necesidades de salud emergentes. Estas subvenciones permiten la flexibilidad para probar ideas innovadoras y diferentes enfoques a los desafíos y compartir lo que nosotros y nuestros socios estamos aprendiendo de los proyectos apoyados.

Convocatoria de ideas

The Call for Ideas grant opportunity is now open. Proposals are due by 6 p.m. on December 3, 2021.


At the Health Foundation, we define health inequities as differences or disparities in health status between socially advantaged and disadvantaged/marginalized groups resulting from systematic and unfair access and availability of resources and opportunities. Factors driving health inequities include, but are not limited to structural racism, discrimination, generational poverty, neighborhood segregation, and unequal access to economic opportunities, high quality education, nutritious food, and culturally responsive care. While the twin pandemics of COVID and systemic racism have further revealed the depth of these inequities, our response as a region can present a path forward in collective action to invest in community health and combat injustice.


Through issuing this Call for Ideas, we are looking to advance our efforts in innovative, partnered work that reimagines systems, programs, and services to disrupt inequities and rebuild stronger, healthier communities. A central focus of Call for Ideas is to respond to community needs and inequities central to or worsened by the twin pandemics and support the path to rebuilding and reimagining systems in more equitable ways.

We understand that only 20% of health occurs in the medical setting. The other 80% is influenced –often negatively– by systems and policies that create inequities, neighborhoods that lack needed resources, and power imbalances that prevent communities from having control of their own health. We also know that there are leaders and community members working on the ground to achieve change in these areas, but many are untapped and/or under-resourced. Together, we can change that!


Browse the below resources to learn more about this Responsive grant opportunity and how to apply.  

A virtual Question & Answer Workshop will be offered from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 29Register AquíSpace is limited. The first hour will be dedicated to answering questions regarding the Call for Ideas opportunity and the second hour will be an open conversation where you can ask questions about your individual ideas.  

Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en ponerse en contacto con Monica Brown, oficial senior de programas, al (585) 258-1710, o por correo electrónico a o Hannah Stark, oficial de programas asociada, al (585) 258-1703.


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